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Welcome to Garage Online Sale (GOS), the Canadian marketplace for all interior needs. Our platform offers a hassle-free experience for selling, buying, and taking care of furniture. We attract a diverse audience of interior design professionals, premium buyers, and tastemakers from all over Canada, who are seeking quality new and pre-loved furniture and decor, including contemporary, vintage, MCM, and antique pieces from well-known brands, artisans, professional dealers, showrooms, and individual sellers.
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About GOS

Started in 2021, Garage Online Sale is a one-stop online marketplace for new, pre-loved, and upcycled furniture. On GOS, you can sell your pre-loved furniture, order new pieces from a manufacturer or book services to take care of your favourite items. We manually approve and check each listing to build a curated platform for unique premium, designer, and vintage pieces.

We work with individual sellers, small business owners, local furniture manufacturers, and design professionals to build an engaged community of people who value great design and appreciate high quality.